Design Concept
With its location being at the corner of Sukhumvit Road and the entrance of Soi 33, the designers were faced with a challenging task of the building setback limitation. With this reason, the South – West facing of the building was designed to create irregular façade features that eventually resulted in asymmetrical floor plates. The building would have nine different types of floor plates and created eight floors with balcony. The landlord believed that the balcony areas could provide greenery space that would be part of an ideal office working environment. This symbolic balcony design was featured on front cover of several leading design magazines. Even our UBCII logo has a tree icon hidden behind the letter.

Green Building
UBCII is an environmentally friendly venue and demonstrates our passion for developing sustainable and “greener” projects. As well as focusing on the infrastructure and operational practice, we also ensured that we contributed to the site’s economic and environmental needs whilst making a long-term commitment to the local community. Using new and innovative technologies, the UBCII efficiently reduces water, waste and other sources of environmental degradation, providing our clients and occupants with the highest levels of comfort and service.

Other design highlights and innovative practices include:-