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Immerse in the Tranquility of the “DOWNTOWN OASIS” Art Piece within BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon
13 Nov 2019
BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, the asset management company that focuses on commercial real estate, has set-up a new art piece, “DOWNTOWN OASIS”, inspired by the abundance of green spaces within BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon. The art installation is the third collaboration between BHIRAJ BURI GROUP and two Thai artists, Wee Viraporn and Wishulada Puntaranuwong, in a series of four art pieces under the theme that embodies the district of Sathon. The newest installment of the Sathon art piece is now on display and ready for visitors to check-in at the art landmark located in front of BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon until end of January 2020.

The “DOWNTOWN OASIS” art piece is inspired by 4 rais of luscious green spaces within BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon that has provided serenity to office workers and passerby circulating the Sathon area. The art installation is reflective of the combination of various inspirational green spaces within BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon and the surrounding neighborhood that convey the unique identity of the BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon project which is intended to serve as the new luscious green space in heart of the city.

The two artists, Wee Viraporn and Wishulada Puntaranuwong, have explored obscure green spaces amidst the high rise buildings in Sathon district with BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon at the centre of the map. The exploration leads to the discovery of up to 10 green places that are hidden throughout the Sathon district such as Saphan Taksin Park, Yudee’s garden and Chaloem Phrakiat 80 Phansa Public Park.

As a result, “DOWNTOWN OASIS” draws inspiration from many green spaces that are hidden within the Sathon district and implement that with the Thai letters of the word “Sathon” that was designed to mimic the delicacy of authentic handwriting to represent the natural growth of the trees within a luscious forest. The art piece also consists of over 2,000 reused water bottles to help raise awareness of environmental issues that are generated from plastic consumptions. The latest art installation is the third artwork following “The district resulted from connection” and “The district is the living” art pieces which have received great feedback from visitors of BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon and passerby in helping to deliver relaxation and represent the Sathon area through an artistic point of view.

Discover and indulge in the third and newest installation of the Sathon art project, “DOWNTOWN OASIS”, with the sustainable art piece inspired by an ensemble of inspirational green spaces in the Sathon area. The artwork is now on display at BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon until the end of January, 2020. Please stay tuned for more upcoming art; Hashtag and follow us at #BhirajAtSathonArt to discover more art from BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon.

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