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Experience the perfect blend of racial diversity that are portrayed through the art landmark at BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon
21 Feb 2020
BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, the asset management company that focuses on commercial real estate, has released the fourth art piece under the concept of “HUMAN DIVERSITY”, which relayed on the diversity of people living in the Sathon area. For this artwork, BHIRAJ BURI GROUP has collaborated with 2 artists; Wee Viraporn and Wishulada Puntaranuwong who displayed their masterpiece at the Art Landmark located in front of BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon. The art piece is now ready for everyone to discover and check-in until end of April 2020.

The main idea is to create the word ‘สาทร’ (Sathon) under the concept of “THE RACIAL DIVERSITY” by adapting diverse alphabetical designs. The design is a combination of 4 nationalities, namely Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Western. The letter “ส” mimics traditional Thai calligraphy; "า" mimics the strokes of a paint-brushed Chinese calligraphy, “ท” mimics Hindi calligraphy, and “ร” mimics Latin calligraphy. Additionally, the word “สาทร” or Sathon is also engraved with greeting messages from each nationality, which are divided into 4 groups according to the 4 nationalities that represented the designs of each alphabet. The background of the art installation is also decorated by a variety of fabrics in different colours, woven together to represent each National flag. “HUMAN DIVERSITY” is the fourth project in continuation of the previous projects from the same artists, including; “The district resulted from connection”, “The district is the living” and “DOWNTOWN OASIS”, respectively.

Exclusively, BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon is also invited people living in Sathon and the surrounding area to write the word “สาทร” in their own handwriting as a portrayal of racial diversity within the community that circulates the Sathon area. Additionally, BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon had incorporated the handwritten feature as part of the artwork. Check out the newest installation under the concept “HUMAN DIVERSITY”, Hashtag and follow us at #BhirajAtSathonArt to share and view the artwork from different perspectives.

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