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BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon, The first Office Campus in the Heart of Bangkok
08 Aug 2019
Dr. Prasarn Bhiraj Buri (3rd from right), CEO & President of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, Mrs. Prapee Buri (3rd from left), Chief Financial Officer of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, Mr. Pitiphatr Buri (2nd from right),Executive Director of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, Panittha Buri (3rd from left), Executive Director of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, Sarocha Buri (right), Deputy CFO, BHIRAJ BURI GROUP and Wuthichai Suppermpong (left), Executive Director of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP celebrated the launch of the first office campus in Bangkok, BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon.

BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, the asset management company that focusing on commercial real estate, launches “BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon”, the first office campus in Bangkok at Sathon in the prime area on Sathon road, right next to Surasak BTS Station. The new office campus aims to emphasize the concept of Work-Life Balance for office workers by creating greenspaces and recreation areas suitable for the working community. At the same time, the new office campus provides hangout places such as Roots, the famous coffee shop and Ocken, a famous fusion-style restaurant – transcending into a lifestyle oasis where people can work-play and fulfil their professional careers.

Mr. Pitiphatr Buri, Executive Director of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP said “BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon is the pioneer office building under the concept of an office campus in the heart of Bangkok CBD. The campus is designed to facilitate tenants and office workers with different forms of working areas to suit all the various needs, as well as providing convenience and greenspaces that are hard to find in this present day concrete jungle. We differentiate by creating purpose to every square meter of space, as well as fostering an opportunity for social connection within the community. There are a selection of great coffee shop and restaurant at BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon, which is designed as a solution for the new working generation that respond well to flexible workspaces that foster their boundless creativity.”

BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon is an office campus on 5 rais of prime property adjacent to Surasak BTS Station. The area consists of three campuses: Campus A, the 4-storey building, Campus B, the 2-storey building and Campus C, the 1-storey building. BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon has 3,500 sq.m. net leasable area of office space and is the pioneer office campus in Thailand, developed in-line with the growing demand of flexible workspaces. The campus features an array of greenspaces for relaxation and thinking out of the box, along with Roots, the coffee shop with the concept of Cup-to-farm Ethos and restaurants such as Ocken that delivers modern-western food, fit for a perfect hangout after work.

The grand opening day premiers the “Birth” exhibition by photographer Mr. Pichan Sujaritsatit that portrays his perspective of the Sathon area through the photograph which shows a symbol of birth, identity and hope on Sathon road. The event also featured a mini concert from famous singer, Image The Voice that delivers an impressive ending to participants.

BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, the asset management company that focusing on commercial real estate with over 30 years of experience in project development and the company behind the success of Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier, United Business Centre II (UBC II) office building, Oneudomsuk Community Mall and the most recent, BHIRAJ TOWER at Sathon.

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