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BHIRAJ BURI launch of its new fully customisable office solutions “SOCO”
26 Aug 2020
BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, the asset management company that focuses on commercial real estate, has unveiled its newest SOCO office solutions project, that is designed to meet the needs of modern-day businesses with custom tailored offices that offer both flexibility and convenience. The SOCO project is aimed at supporting the diverse needs of tenants, and is open for service today at Campus A, Summer Lasalle. With expansion plans on the horizon, BHIRAJ BURI is also looking to extend the comprehensive solution at other projects under the management of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP in the near future.

The name SOCO derived from a combination of ‘Solutions for Office’ and ‘Co-working Space’ that grants tenants the complete freedom and flexibility to customise their office designs and layouts. Each tenant will be assisted by a team of experts from SOCO that will provide guidance, consultation and support for office setup and operations in every step of the way. This includes everything from idea initiation, design, customisation and budget planning, down to project execution, set up and cost control, which will help to alleviate the stresses of tenants when setting up a new office.

Pitiphatr Buri, Managing Director of BHIRAJ Management Co., Ltd., under BHIRAJ BURI GROUP said: “The idea of SOCO originated from the observation of Thai peoples’ unique eating habits– where the customisation of seasoning becomes an integral part creating the perfect flavour to fit each person’s unique preference. Therefore, we wanted to create an integrated office solution that allows tenants to customise and make the most use out of their office space. Ergo, providing more options for modern day tenants, who are looking beyond just an empty office space for rent – and giving BHIRAJ BURI a competitive edge against other office providers in the market.”

The SOCO logo is inspired from an assortment of seasonings that is essential at every Thai restaurant. This represents the well-rounded services provided by SOCO, as a solutions provider that goes beyond just the provision of office space, in order to make sure that offices are designed and created to the exact vision of the tenants.

SOCO is a flexible and fully customisable office solution that is based on the needs of tenants. Tenants can select from 5 main décor themes, as the starting point for their office decoration and design, which are:
1. Wellness Office Theme – A spacious office with a bright and airy feel to promote employee movement and enhance happiness both during work and moments of relaxation.
2. Warehouse Office Theme – A trendy, integrated office that signifies stability with its contemporary structure, while simultaneously providing a sense of calm and relaxation.
3. Living Office Theme – A work-life balance office design that provides the feelings and comforts of home. Perfect for digital nomads that prefer to live life out of the box.
4. Corporate Office Theme – A modern and elegant office space that exudes professionalism and delivers the ultimate sense of security.
5. Green Verify Office Theme – A green office space with a fresh and clean appeal that is easy on the eyes while promoting sustainability and love for the environment amongst employees.

“Today, consumers prefer services that are fast and efficient, but at the same time unique to their needs. SOCO is the ideal solution for those seeking modern, quality office space that matches with the unique image of their company. Our customer-centric approach adheres directly to customer needs, to offer the best possible office solutions. In addition, we are also looking to launch our very own co-working space in the near future to accomodate start-ups and freelancers that prefer to work in various settings and locations. We believe that the new SOCO project will certainly help to attract tenants, both in Thailand and abroad, as BHIRAJ BURI expands our horizons as a leading property developer and office provider in Thailand,” Pitiphatr Buri said in closing remarks.

For more information and leasing enquiries, please contact 0-2261-0261.


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